Bercem Dutagaci

Bercem Dutagaci

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology





  4. Bercem Dutagaci, Lim Heo, Michael Feig: Structure Refinement of Membrane Proteins via Molecular Dynamics Simulations Proteins (2018) in press, Abstract PDF
  3. Bercem Dutagaci, Michael Feig: Determination of Hydrophobic Lengths of Membrane Proteins with the HDGB Implicit Membrane Model Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2017) 57, 3032-3042 Abstract PDF
  2. Bercem Dutagaci, Kitiyaporn Wittayanarakul, Takaharu Mori, Michael Feig: Discrimination of Native-like States of Membrane Proteins with Implicit Membrane-Based Scoring Functions Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (2017) 13, 3049-3059 Abstract PDF
  1. Bercem Dutagaci, Maryam Sayadi, Michael Feig: Heterogeneous dielectric generalized Born model with a van der Waals term provides improved association energetics of membrane-embedded transmembrane helices Journal of Computational Chemistry (2017) 38, 1308-1320 Abstract PDF