BMB961 - FS04

Concepts in Protein Structure Analysis & Modeling

Tuesdays from 3-4 pm in BPS 1420 (lecture)
Thursday from 2-4 pm in BCH 202 (lab session)

This course is organized by Kaillathe Padmanabhan. A course description is available here.

The following dates are taught by me:

8/31lectureElements of Protein Structure
9/2labUNIX introduction
9/9labUNIX introduction
10/12lectureProtein Motifs
10/14labMotif lab
11/2lectureSecondary structure
11/4labSecondary structure lab
11/9lecture3D structure modeling
11/11lab3D structure modeling lab
11/23lectureStructure Analysis

In order to access class contents please connect from a campus computer or use a VPN connection.