A variety of storage resources are available in the Feig group. This page provides information on each location, its usage and backup policy, and how much space is left.

Home and data directories

Some user home directories are located on the local disks of lab workstations. All other home directories are kept on the central NFS server blue5. Home directories are fully backed up nightly. Last night's copy is accessible under /backup/<machinename> (workstation home directories) and /backup/home (home directories on blue5).

theshores /home/feig Home Dir for feig
pipes /home/asli Home Dir for asli
blue1 /apps Apps Dir on blue
blue2 /blue/data Storage on blue2
blue5 /home/<user> Home Dir on blue5


There are a number of large RAID arrays for storage of simulation data generated on the cluster. It can be accessed from all machines in the Feig lab. s1, s2, s61, s62 are for writing output from running jobs. s3, s3x, s4, s51, s52, s53, s54 are for longer-term storage. All storage arrays use RAID technology to prevent data loss in case of drive failures.

greens1 /green/s1 Storage on green.s1
greens2 /green/s2 Storage on green.s2
greens4 /green/s4 Storage on green.s4
greens5 /green/s51 Storage on green.s51
greens5 /green/s52 Storage on green.s52
greens5 /green/s53 Storage on green.s53
greens5 /green/s54 Storage on green.s54
greens6 /green/s61 Storage on green.s61
greens6 /green/s62 Storage on green.s62


Home directories are backed up automatically onto /backup. A secondary backup of home directories is made once a week onto /feigstore.

blue4 /backup Backup of home directories