Grad Students

We have opportunities for highly motivated and competitive graduate students interested in computational studies of biological systems.

Students in the Feig group are typically part of one of the following graduate programs at Michigan State University:


BioMolecular Science

Computer Science and Engineering

Students in the Feig group will learn and apply a combination of computational biology, physical chemistry, and biophysics in cutting-edge research related to the structure, dynamics, and function of biological systems from molecular to cellular levels. Depending on individual interest and background projects may range from very biochemically oriented research to the development of new computational methodology.

Students who join our group are expected to have strong quantitative skills and, while not required, often have done well in undergraduate courses in both physical and biological sciences. Since the primary focus of our group is the application of computational tools, previous experience with advanced computer use and computer programming is helpful, but also not required.

Graduate students in the Feig group will develop a strong basis for a successful scientific career. Students are expected to be highly committed and will typically (co-)author 3-5 publications before graduation. Students will also have opportunities to present their research at national and international scientific meetings.

Research in the Feig group is currently funded through grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Additional support is available through fellowships and university assistantships.

If you are interested please send email to