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usage: [options] tag
options:  [-dir workdir]
          [-runs [from:]to]
          [-use proptag]
          [-log logfile]

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This script is used to start a job server manually for running ensemble-based jobs in a parallel distributed computing environment. The utilities,, may then be used as clients by giving the server host, port and ID through their -rserv option.

Starting the job server manually is most useful when remote execution via rsh/ssh is not possible in a distributed environment. Otherwise the -hosts option for the ensemble utilities is a more convenient way since it will start the server automatically and submit clients via rsh/ssh.

This utility requires the tag name of the ensemble structures as argument. Additional options are available to select the ensemble directory (-dir), the desired runs for which a job list should be created (-runs), the property that is used for identifying which jobs need to be run (-use, by default: etot), and to request a log file with -log.

The script writes to standard output the host name, port, and server ID in the format expected by the client -rserv option. Since the script waits for the server to exit after spawning a new process for the server it is recommended to start the script in the background with &.


usage information
-dir directory 
data directory
-runs [from:]to 
limit to subset of ensemble
-use name 
provide property tag to be used to determine which part of the ensemble is incomplete
-log file 
output log file

Examples -dir data -runs 50 vacmin &
starts an ensemble job server for the vacmin structures in the ensemble stored under the data directory. The joblist is generated for missing structures up to run index 50.

cassatt:4001:211938 started