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usage: [options] [fastaFile]
options:               [-models value]
                       [-maxloop value]
                       [-stats file]
                       [-pdbdir name]

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This script is used for template-based structure prediction. It takes an alignment file in FASTA file as input, finds the PDB template, builds a homology model and adds missing (loop) residues via Modeller.

A typical input file is expected to look as follows:

>1IHG_A ::4e-96::61::Chain A, Bovine Cyclophilin 40, Monoclinic Form

Note the PDB code and chain ID in the third line. A properly formatted file can be generated with the tool from PSI-Blast output.

For this tool to work, it is necessary to have a local copy of the PDB (or at least a directory where the structures for the needed templates are present) either at the location pointed to by the environment variable PDBDIR or given through the option -pdbdir.

Furthermore, Modeller needs to be installed and available. The script will try to guess the location of the Modeller script that can be called with a Modeller input file, but it is better to provide the location through the environment variable MODELLEREXEC.


usage information
-models value 
number of models to generate (only the best model is returned)
-maxloop value 
maximum loop size to model automatically
extensive output about various steps of the modeling protocol
do not center resulting structure
-stats file 
generate a file with information about the generated model(s)
-pdbdir name 
directory where PDB database is located

Examples -models 3 alignment
generate three template-based model according to the given alignment and return the best model

ATOM      1  N   ARG     1      -0.147  20.265  18.017  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM      2  CA  ARG     1       0.690  19.995  17.181  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM      3  CB  ARG     1       1.286  21.273  16.588  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM      4  CG  ARG     1       0.360  22.003  15.629  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM      5  CD  ARG     1      -0.938  22.404  16.312  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM      6  NE  ARG     1      -1.797  21.251  16.574  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM      7  CZ  ARG     1      -1.718  20.493  17.663  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM      8  NH1 ARG     1      -0.817  20.765  18.597  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM      9  NH2 ARG     1      -2.542  19.465  17.816  0.00  0.00      1SG 
ATOM     10  C   ARG     1       1.609  19.459  17.187  0.00  0.00      1SG