Undergraduate students with chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and computer science majors have collaborated with us on a number of research projects and contributed as co-authors on a number of papers.

We continue to have openings for students interested in participating in cutting edge research in computational biochemistry and biophysics. Possible projects may involve running simulations of biomolecules, the analysis of existing data, testing new methodology, writing of new computer codes, or the development of web services. We are a purely computational group and therefore cannot provide experience with experimental lab techniques.

We offer research experiences as opposed to lab jobs and we are we are able to support highly committed students. We are especially interested in encouraging students from demographics that are traditionally underrpresented in the sciences to get involved in research.

Please send email to feig@msu.edu if our research seems interesting and if you are willing to commit at least 8 hours a week for at least one semester.