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usage: [options] tag
options: [-dir workdir]
         [-ctag tag]

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This script lists clusters that have been previously generated from ensemble structures with The ensemble tag is required as argument and the ensemble directory may be given with -dir.

The output lists for each cluster the tag, the number of structure elements and the number of subclusters.


usage information
-dir workdir 
ensemble directory
-ctag alttag 
read cluster data from alttag.cluster file

Examples -dir data sample
lists clusters generated previously with

t               16     3
  t.1              3     0
  t.2             11     2
    t.2.1            1     0
    t.2.2           10     3
      t.2.2.1          8     0
      t.2.2.2          1     0
      t.2.2.3          1     0
  t.3              2     0